Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our Networked Technobody

Okay players, you are now inside the blogosphere and that is dope to me. This is a powerful and expressive component of your sprouting technobody. Might I suggest that you take a tour of the dance blogosphere and see what it has to offer.

My flavorite dance-o-blog is quodlibet by Matthew Gough. Described as "contrapuntal texts on dance & performance technologies (dance-tech) etc" quodlibet is beautifully written, thoughtful, visually rich and updated often. Matt Gough is our friend and our dance partner. I have guest written on quodlibet and hopefully we can have Matt over here for a play date.

Another place to get down with some hot dance-o-blog action is great dance with Anna Brady Nuse's move the frame and Doug Fox's kinetic interface. Anna's blog addresses dance on screen while Doug investigates the culture of science and technology with a focus on the body and movement. Anna is a choreographer, filmmaker and dance film curator. Doug is an OG dance blogger, dance enthusiast and spirited advocate of dance online.

The winger is also a prime piece of web real estate run by Kristin Sloan and a crew of co-contributors. Kristin started the winger while she was a member of NYCB. She has since stopped dancing and is now the company's director of new media. I also write for the winger. You can see adds for some of my writing on the southbound side of the FDR near 125th st. Brian Gibbs, founder of tag-sf, is also a frequent contibutor to the site. He is really generous in sharing his work online, posting great dance videos and photography.

Another place of interest is aka deep space sector 9. This is a social network run on the ning platform. Social networks are incredibly sticky traps which seduce with a poly-panoptic gaze and one should be careful while navigating them. The network admin is Marlon Barrios. His contempt for physics and calculus makes him an exciting fiend to bump heads with.

Last but not least is Tonya Plank's swanlakesambagirl. Tonya is a prolific writer and reviewer on her blog and for the huffington post. Tonya writes about live dance performance, dance on television aswell as arts, politics and culture. Tonya did amazing first hand coverage of the Sean Bell murder trial. Tonya is also a lawyer and a novelist and a competitive latin dancer.

So check out this ever growing online dance world. Greatdance and the winger have fairly exhaustive blogrolls from which you can find the 100 some odd dance blogs on the internet. Hopefully we can have a few nyc dance bloggers do a panel at a dance meeting sometime this year. Lets encourage Rose Anne Thom to invite some of these folks to talk to our students about this emerging dance space.

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