Sunday, September 14, 2008

Martian Time-Slip

"Mrs Miltch is utilizing music as a method of reaching the autustic children at B-G...the dance,in particular."

"There is a new theory about autism," Dr Glaub said. "From Bergholzlei, in Switzerland... It assumes a derangement in the sense of time in the autistic individual, so that he environment around him is so accelerated that he cannot cope with it, in fact, he is unable to percieve it properly, precisely as we would be if we faced a speeded-up television program, so that objects whizzed by so fast as to be invisible, and sound was a gobbledegook--you know? Just extremely high pitched mishmash. Now this new theory would place the autistic child in a closed chamber, where he faced a screen on which filmed sequences were projected slowed down--so you see? Both sound and video slowed, at last so slow that you and I would not be able to perceive motion or comprehend the sounds as human speech."

A genuinely good looking boy... and such terrific coordination. The way he sprinted about, on the tips of his toes, as if dancing to some unheard music, some tune from inside his own mind whose rhythms kept him enthralled. We are so pedestrian compared to him Steiner thought. Leaden. We creep along like snails, while he dances and leaps, as if gravity does not have the same influence on him as it does on us. Could he be made from some new and different kind of atom?

"Could the schizophrenic be running so fast, compared to us, in time, that he's actually in what to us is the future? Would that account for his precognition?"

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