Sunday, September 28, 2008

Time Bandit

Uptown, Otis Houston Jr bends time by performing at extremely low frequency over long durations. An auto-regressive low-pass filter shows his presence in the same low bands inhabited by landscape features such as trees, bridges and roadsigns. Otis' still acts retain a high kinetic energy in the frame of the passing viewer due to their great velocity and his close proximity to the road. As his text indicates, the scattering interactions are complex and worth serious study.
Capital also works as a time machine in multiple ways. First is through propagating past debts into the future through interest and the setting of present prices through speculation and secret knowledge. True believers say the market is the most intelligent predictor of the future. Some think otherwise.Downtown, on Wall St. Otis trys to communicate to foot traffickers. Here the time scale and landscape require different tactics: the voice and higher frequency gestures are used since duration is blocked by the state. Otis has a good understanding of capital since he spends time with bankers moving weight in the financial district. They are big and sloppy he tells me. Though they push a lot around they inevitably leave a mess for others to clean up. Perhaps naïve art is not so naïve.

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