Friday, November 9, 2007

phantom dancers.

I was really struck by the initial images of Forsythe’s work that were described in the reading. The use of shadow helps to distort the audience’s perception. Only parts of each dancer’s body can be seen. They are never whole. To me it almost seems as if the dancers are not really there at all and the audience is just creating this piece from their own memories. They are assembling flashes of body parts. They are not really certain about this memory which is why they cannot picture the dancer as a whole. They are trying hard to recall but cannot.
Why we are so interested in distorting the images that we see? I think that this ability that we have is incredible; the ability to change people’s perceptions. Easily, we get bored or in some way dissatisfied with the reality that we are given or with the way things are presented. So, what do we do? We mess around with it.

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