Friday, November 2, 2007

food for thought

If we've been initiated into self-surveillance, can we ever really get out of that system/"the panopticon" . . . ?? What other behaviors do we automatically participate in once we are trained to practice self-surveillance? (the surveillance of others? comparisions of self to others or others to others? obedience to authority?)

Another question:

We talked about groups such as myspace and facebook and the illusion of being in the surveillance tower of one's own panopticon - that illusion of control, in a sense. Or that real control?

Well, those particular online communities have certain steps that you can take to ensure that only people you allow to look at you can see you and surveille your activity. What if someone is watching your online activity without your permission? How is this different from hidden cameras, phone taps, or someone following you around? How is it the same?


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