Friday, November 2, 2007

Artifacts of Dance

Hey guys,
In doing the reading, i got especially interested in the discussion of making artifacts of dance.
Since i'm doing a thesis that focuses largely on that, it was (of course) extremly on my mind, but i found the way that it was discussed different from a lot of other things that i'd read.

Specifically, the idea that writing about a dance (or any other kind of translation/preservation) is a second type of "choreography" struck me as interesting, if not a little problematic. For me, it brought up issues of ballance between the original work and the preserving element. Should the element be invisible? Another work of art in it's own right? What is more helpful and "truthful" to the dance that's being preserved. And then, what's the best way to preserve dance? writing? video? motion capture? everything is problematic and there is clearly no right answer.

Anyways, that's just what jumped out at me.
How do all of you go about preserving your work? What seems most truthful to you?

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